Hello all!

Anyone thinking, “why Point.Five.Korean”?

I know right!

Okay maybe more like “WTF?” or “WTH?”

It’s an inside joke that captures a little bit about me in a way that’s just my style.  Is it grammatically correct?  NOPE — and neither am I!  Is it profound, uber-intellectual, and mysterious?  NOPE — not that either.

What it is, is what I am — straight to the point with a little humor.

I’m half Korean — my super cute daddy met my super cute mommy in a little town in South Korean.  They met, fell in love, and BOOM!!  Three super super cute (more or less  :-P… ) children with yours truly smack dab in the middle.

Since I’m a numbers fan and math nerd, I see “half Korean” and think 1/2 = 50% = 0.5 Korean… and there you have it, Point.Five.Korean it is.

So where’s the inside joke?  Well anytime I’m feeling particularly awesome, I will scream “Point.Five.Korean!!” as if I were a sports broadcaster announcing the winning goal in the final hour in the final minute of some sports game.

Yup — I’ve done this more often than I’d like to admit.  Yep.  Yup.

Deal with it


Thanks for dropping by!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 6.12.57 PM


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