My Gear

Running Gear:

Here are a few things I can’t run without:

  • My Garmin Forerunner 220 — aka my Data Mining tool!  I love numbers so I love how this baby stalks me each run and feeds data like Pace, Cadence, Distance, Time, and Elevation.


  • My hat – Nike’s Featherlight Cap — I have this in white.  It’s super thin, breathable, and white.  This means my head is cool during my runs.  Without it, my dark brown hair attracts/absorbs the heat and basically my brain boils.



  • Sunglasses are a must!  I don’t like to run with super expensive sunglasses — because I’m clumsy and am know to drop sunglasses, knock them off my own face/head, or lose them completely.  So yeah…


  • Finding the right pair of running shorts was a trial and error process.   I like running capris and tights, but like to be cold when running — so for 10 months out of the year, I wear these — Zoot 2 in 1 women’s shorts.


  • Tops are easy.  I run in anything from an old tee shirt to a technical tank.  Here are two of my current favorites:  white & peach

tank 1 tank 2

  • I can’t live without music!  I run with either my Iphone or, more frequently, my old school ipod.  It’s so little and sleek, I can tuck it into a pocket, zippered pocket, or even in my bra.  I also like headphones that wrap around my ear — again because I’m super clumsy.

headphones   ipod

Training Gear:

I keep this part super simple — I don’t have the space, money, or time to craft a fully function in home gym — here are my 3 must haves:

  • Yoga mat — stretching is super important!

yoga mat


  • Jump rope — for rainy day cardio

jump rope


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