Weigh in Wednesday #9

It’s that time of the week again!  Where we run to the bathroom four or five times, strip down to nothing, and hold our breath on the scale…  Nah just teasing — I only do two of those three things… ^-^


Goals from Last week

  • Eat single ingredient foods with every meal.
    • This went pretty well — there were only a few meals (mostly when we ate out) where I wasn’t super sure how the foods were prepared… I’m going to keep practicing this, and become more and more aware of how I’m fueling my body.
  • Workout out every day!
    • This definitely happened — As my mileage increases, I’m feeling the mental fight starting where I feel like I shouldn’t run and workout on the same day — but strength training means I’ll grow stronger!  This has to be a part of my routine!
  • Be Grateful each day
    • While I’m definitely grateful, this goal needs more practice as well.  I am blessed each day with so many thing – my husband, my job, my family, and my health – I’ll have to incorporate a ritual to make this more of a focus.

Results from Happy Scale

Last week, my moving average was 190.9 and my 10-day-best was 189.6

This week, my moving average is 190.6 and my 10-day-best is 189.6… not much of a change, but I’m THANKFUL that it didn’t MOVE UP!


This means my moving average is .3bs less than last week’s!  It’s also worth noting that my 10 day best weigh in (189.6) happened again this morning!  (Post run, so I’m sure I’m closer to 190.6 right now…)


I have to remember, when I feel discouraged or rushed, that these changes are for the rest of my life.  Health and nutrition are a top priority to me, because many of my long & short term goals require it.  There’s no way around it.

The rate at which I’m losing weight and gaining strength don’t matter as much as the rate at which my mindset has changed.

Points Breakdown


Monday – 30/23/+6

Tuesday -30/38/+3

Wednesday -30/33/+7

Thursday – 30/40/+5

Friday – 30/33/+3

Saturday -30/46/+8

Sunday – 30/39/+0

Totals:  Goal – 210, Actual – 252, Activity – 32, Weeklies – 49

This means I ended the week with 39 leftover points!!!  Compared to last week’s 22, this feels like I’m moving in the right direction!  Essentially, I only used 42 of my weeklies and no activity points — so I think I’m at a place where I don’t need to swap my activity points for food.

Somewhere on social media or youtube or somewhere, I heard someone remark about how they don’t, “train for treats” — because they aren’t a dog!  I had never heard it put like this before!  They were arguing that the mindset of having to earn calories by working out crazily created a dangerous mindset where food had more power over you than it should.

Instead, this person argued, the focus should be on giving the body what it needs when it needs it (carbs after exercise to replenish glycogen stores, protein to build muscles, etc…).  The idea was that treats or cheat meals are earned by living a life that is otherwise healthy and nutritious.  This is like when all those nutritionists say that certain treats can be a one in a blue moon occurrence in an otherwise “healthy diet”.

To me, treats aren’t earned in the gym — they are a part of my training plan and mental health.  Where’s the fun in eating well and exercising if that means I can’t indulge once in a while?  😛

Goals for this week

  1. Eating – 21 day fix + WWSP tracking.  I decided that this week will be a SmartPoints week to see how I do with smartpoints.  I won’t be trading in my activity points, but I’ll still track them.  I’ll also be saving most of my weeklies for my cheat meal – though I’m not entirely sure what it will be yet… we’ll see.
  2. Exercise every day – I am currently running 4 days a week and will incorporate strength training, yoga, and pilates.  Becoming a ninja is hard work — but worth it!
  3. List what I’m grateful for each day – I have a hobonichi planner, which if you’re unfamiliar is a cross between a planner and a journal.  In it’s pages for the next week, I will write what I’m grateful and be thankful to have the opportunity.

How did your weigh in go this week?

How did you strike a balance between nutrition and treats?

How do you stay mindful of all your blessings?

Let me know in the comments below ^_^



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