Tuesday’s Treats

It’s grey and drizzly out — which means I’m working from the comfort of my bed!  I’m in complete denial about having to wake up, get up, and get moving — so I’m counting this morning’s lazy as my first treat!

Later today, I’ll squeeze in an upper body workout and (maybe) a total body workout in the evening.  I have a few errands to run – groceries and such – so somehow, I’ll need to get out of this bed.  But not yet.

Lazy Walrus

lazyHave you ever had a lazy day?  Have you ever felt guilty about being lazy all day?

I always feel bad about being lazy — which means I don’t really enjoy my down time.  I usually feel like I need to be doing something productive.

Since it’s my summer, I don’t have as much work to do as I do in the fall and winter — so I have that nagging sense of “I’m forgetting something”.  Normally, I’d distract myself from this feeling and my guilty conscience with some sunshine and summer fun, but today I’m stuck in the house.  I have nothing pressing to do (besides my workouts and errands) and I have very little motivation…

So instead of finding something to do around the house (cleaning, etc…) which doesn’t need to be done (read: I just cleaned it yesterday), I’ve decided to treat myself!  My treat will be  a little laziness today.

I am the lazy walrus!

Maybe not so lazy

Even as I sit in bed typing these words, I know that I still have a short list of errands I’d like to run and work I’d like to do.

Typing this post does count as doing something, right?

So maybe I’ll just allow myself a few other treats as well… like a bath, or an at home facial, or even a yummy meal out.


How are you treating yourself today?

Do you ever feel guilty for “down days”?

How do you handle relaxing?

Let me know in the comments below!! ^_^




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